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Saugerties school budget vote result misleading 2021-05-25 - Dear Editor: Saugerties school district Superintendent Kirk Reinhardt thanked the community for "a nearly 76% approval" of the proposed school budget. and DARE programs; reach out events to Boys & Girls Clubs; school groups, and scouts. The school board must also oversee the policies that are being put into place for the school district and making sure they best fit the needs of the childrens education. During the investigation, many conversations occurred in which Mr. Shabazz spoke of his desire to physically injure members of local law enforcement. Yet the Town Board, responsible for the Towns taxpayer. I understand that we have to balance the needs of our community and ensure a school system that is child-centered, with a healthy and supportive culture (for employees and children) to grow and learn. This is why I have chosen to support a young businessman with energy, thought and a strong sense of public service for a seat on the Town of Saugerties Town Council. We can not let this go any further. The Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Gwendolyn Roraback, is pleased to announce that this budget also includes the availability of 15 newly approved courses for students (with the caveat that enough students will need to enroll to ensure the programs run). The worst part is hes filling our ecosystem with unidentified material that could be harmful to everyone. A music historian and failed drummer, hes written for numerous print and online publications and has shared with his son Ian and daughter Marguerite a love of reading, writing and record collecting. 2- As a first time home buyer in Saugerties, Mike is painfully aware of the burden of high taxes. Superintendent Reinhardt said the specificity of the additional staff came from the public and meetings of the Governance Committee. She ran for County Executive this year and dropped out, allowing Pat Ryan to win. What if some money gets embezzled? As a retired New York City Detective assigned to JTTF and one of the arresting officers of Mr. Shabazz, it seems that the people of Ulster County at large and members of Ulster County law enforcement should demand more of their district attorney. , his attempts to dismiss this election beforehand, and repeating others false statements against me all while refusing to interview me until after the election. As a member of the Paul Luke Band, they performed for hundreds of causes throughout the Town and surrounding counties for forty years, so don't badger Paul's commitment to any cause, because he's done more for this town than most people give him credit for or even know. ALBANY, N.Y. (WETM) - The state's top-ranked team in wrestling continues to prove why. Ensure that the procurement policy and bid process is properly followed; better identify grant possibilities and follow-through. Im willing to bring this to the school board if elected. The opioid epidemic is taking more young lives everyday. We discovered that the mail-in ballots are better way to do things, although theyre very expensive for the district, Thomann said. money, is supposed to approve a large reconstruction project, over one million dollars, at one nights meeting and expedite the approval without hearings, without debate, without discussion, without the consultants or the representatives of the project and the town accountant spending one minute in front of the board, in public, providing the details of the project, explaining drawings and specifications, a timeline for construction, weather restrictions, staging, selective demolition, contract language for the responsibility of the contractor and penalties for lack of performance, incentives, oversight (clerk of the works or separate engineering company), special inspections (concrete, steel, materials, fasteners, etc), insurance, bonding, warranties (limited or otherwise), etc? I also believe that an emphasis on communication between the district and the community is vital to the health of a school district. The current supervisor and another sitting councilwoman have had 15-years each on the board to plan for infrastructure and capital improvement projects and it appears that there was no plan in place or little budgeting for the ice arena. Shabazz was an advocate for the revolutionary tactics employed by the Black Panther Party, a radical organization known for violence and hatred toward law enforcement. That's very nice, but it's also very misleading. I also believe, our energy usage can and should become one that requires much less dependency on fossil fuels. Time to clean up your act Karolys! Although repurposing Mt. It also appears that Mr. Shabazz is wearing a large Black Panther Party lapel pin as seen in the photo below. The Zoning Board of Appeals, of which good people such as Patti Kelly and Henry Rua are members, grilled the cell tower consultants, requesting a variance with regard to a proposed siting in the Mt. For health and safety reasons alone dollars should be allocated to the Saugerties Animal Shelter. Adds an elementary librarian, so there is a librarian at each school. Currently, he is also serving as a Commissioner and Lieutenant. Jane St. Amour I didnt know what he was alleged to have done in and of itself is disturbing.In todays world of social media, such statements are easily disproven as shown here in another photograph publicly displayed on the candidates website as early as spring of 2019. It was powerful. A school district can have a great budget and wonderful class programs but if the students do not have the tools to be well-rounded for success, then their greatest potential could very well fall short. The members need to listen and address the concerns of its community members while ensuring the highest level of public education for its students. Cutten can and will do the best job for us as our Comptroller.Thomas KadgenShokan, Re: Mike Kavanagh (Ulster County District Attorney)While the writer of the following letter does not specifically state his support of Mike Kavanagh for District Attorney, it seems fairly evident that he does, or would.Shabazz wanted to hurt cops My name is Raymond Nafey. Is this fair? I abstained from the vote for multiple reasons but requested a clerk of the works be assigned to the project. When making any sort of major decisions, we need to have all stakeholders involved because if we work together to collectively solve a problem or problems we can do just about anything. I know a lot of what I wanted to say, just didnt come out quite the way I wanted it to. Mary has also been a very strong advocate for NARCAN Trainings and has actually sponsored these. 982 talking about this. Lets not forget who picks up the tab for its the same people who pick up the tab every time, day after day, month after month, year after year and theyre never in the news, acknowledged in any way or complain. The School Board is a governing body of local officials whose responsibilities are defined by state and federal laws and constitutions, as well as the rules and regulations of the Board of Regents and the commissioner. This presents absolutely unsanitary and unhealthy conditions for both the animals residing there and the staff working there. Results will be posted as they become available. I've for the most part stayed out of politics since leaving my position on the Town Council, but this proposed legislation has brought me to comment on its absurdity. One of the district goals is all students be at or above grade level when they leave grade 3, he said. Saugerties SHS Media Center May 16, 2023 Budget Vote & Election of BOE Members 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM "Cahill Elementary School Morse Elementary School Mt. The building is clearly in need of significant upgrading and/or repairs or complete replacement. SAUGERTIES - Saugerties school district voters will decide Tuesday whether to adopt a $41.8 million budget proposal or force the district to an austerity budget of $40 million. Some of these are through retirements or resignations.. I believe its only increased about $1.1 million over the past four years, which is an average increase of about $281,000 a year.. I say this because for too long decisions have been made with only some of community involved. I live and pay taxes here too.. Tom King, president ofthe New York State Rifle and Pistol Association of New York State("NYSRPA"), recommends that voters cast their votes on the Conservative line on November 4. We endeavor to create an atmosphere where people are accepted as individuals in a safe environment that fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, cooperation, and academic excellence. An elementary school summer reading program and what would have been a new half-day kindergarten position were cut from the original proposal, decreasing spending by $51,000. Two years ago Paul Andreassen (Independence Party) was approached by many individuals, including both current and former political party leaders, all of whom encouraged him to run for the town supervisor position. She has never held an auditing position. Mike knows that the position of town councilman involves making tough decisions that ultimately affect every Saugerties resident and that is in their respective pockets. I would like my impact on the BOE to be one that helps the district navigate the next several years in a way that is fiscally and socially responsible. There is no better way to get young people involved in politics than to actually vote for one. Can we afford it when a company like CERES, a manufacturing company on Kings Highway that employs several hundred people, chooses to re-locate to another nearby town? The Adirondack record-Elizabethtown post. 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One of our goals, if we can afford it, is to have all of our class sizes be 25 or smaller throughout the entire district next year.. At the secondary level, they are looking to add a language teacher, a teaching assistant with a focus on special education and two full-time teachers with a focus on business and technology. We spent many years engaged in youth sports and attending school activities, and I enjoyed being in and a part of my local community that way. My wife and I owe her a deep debt of gratitude for being so instrumental in helping prepare of children for their education. Since presenting a draft budget in mid-March, the district has also reduced the tax levy increase from 2.7 percent to 2.36 percent. I will look for ways to pass zero tolerance laws for dealers, and mandatory sentencing for those who are convicted of selling fentanyl-laced heroin. And for that Id like to apologize. Grab a free month of HV1 from the folks who have brought you substantive local news since 1972. Just who is Nicole Roskos? Watch for delays, overruns, additional charges, hidden costs, problems with site conditions and the loss of revenue. how can we help, how can we help keep you here and how can we help you grow? She has been the daycare provider for my three daughters. He explained how he wants to run for town board because he wants to get involved and help make Saugerties a better place to live. Position: Berechnungsingenieur fr Insassensimulation / Gesamtsystemanalyse (w/m/d)<br>Location: Sindelfingen<br>Life is always about becoming Im Leben geht es darum, sich auf eine Reise zu begeben, um die beste Version unseres zuknftigen Selbst zu werden. Mike was born and raised in Saugerties and has always been very civic minded. We need to look out for and take care of the, . Establishing a respectful relationship with constituents giving them adequate time and opportunities to be involved in local government; Making property taxes low and restoring Saugerties rating from. During the next year and half an FBI undercover agent and confidential source made numerous trips to meet with Mr. Shabazz to discuss his involvement in the New Black Panther Party. There was an incomplete working draft from around 2014 that addressed many of these concerns. The spending p Yes, he is 25 years old but it is time for new ideas as Saugerties enters the 2020s. Gary Faulkner which ultimately resulted in his arrest and guilty plea to unlawful sale of illegal firearms.During my tenure with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, I became involved in an investigation whose origin stemmed from a meeting of Black Panther Party elements in New York City. During my campaign I have presented the facts on issues. Reinhardt also says that the changes will help align the curriculum throughout the District and will offer the ability to create new learning opportunities to help all students reach their potential. There is no reason for her to take that position when Lisa Cutten can bring years of auditing experience and a gutsy political independence to the job. At the same time, I realize that we have too many homeowners that are financially overburdened, so we have to be fiscally responsible and advocate on their behalf as well. (Au Sable Forks, N.Y.) 1920-1975, September 20, 1956, Page 1, Image 1, brought to you by Northern NY Library Network, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. The district is not responsible for facts or opinions contained on any linked site. which I am doing at this time. Here are profiles of the candidates based on our questionnaire: Education: BA Social Ecology from University of California, Irvine, Occupation: Self Employed; Property Management and Real Estate. , the shareholders, the taxpayer, the tinkerer, the fabricator, the merchant, the student, the postal worker, the firefighter, the veteran, the senior citizen, the fixed income public housing resident, the retiree, the widow, the widower, the jobless, the job seeker, the cable guy, the lineman, the candlestick maker, the machinist, the highwayman, the builder, the botanist, the tree cutter, the doctor, the nurse, the lawyer, the cashier, the housekeeper, the day care provider, the bus driver, the truck driver, the parent, the grandparent, the sibling, the insurance provider, the coach, the teacher, the engineer, the architect, the house painter, the plumber, the electrician and most importantly and probably the most underrated of all. [read]The Conservative Party and the Rifle and Pistol Association of New York State Join Together for the Second Amendment [read], Re: Paul Andreassen (Supervisor)Andreassen: Dedicated public servantEight years ago when I had the audacity to think I could be a building inspector, then Town of Saugerties Building Inspector Paul Andreassen took it upon himself to mentor and train me. There has been some discussion with the Mayor and several of the trustees; Don Hackett, Terry Parisian and Vince Buono and several Ulster County legislators about consolidation. Among budget items increasing the most are health insurance, payment into state retirement funds and energy costs. We do have an obligation to be fiscally responsible, but were also adding a tremendous amount of programming, Reinhardt said. Saugerties Public Library Due to inclement weather the library will be opening at 11am on Saturday, March 4. The building aid decrease is due to the final payments on previous facilities projects in the district. Adds a secondary French/Spanish teacher to make foreign language programs more accessible for students. Devoted to citizens and causes, his sights are set on a bright future for the Town of Saugerties. ACT.". The transparency and professionalism of the current board and administration is inspiring. of State Codes Division, and currently teaches the course at Columbia-Greene Community College. Now, more than ever well need a competent Comptroller who has the training and experience of detecting governmental waste and fraud. Paul (Andreassen) and I had over 360 signatures to primary and at a meeting to give Wilson [Pekulas an authorization given by a political party to a candidate for public office in the State ofNew York that allows the candidate not registered with that party to run as its candidate in a given election] no one ever gave us a look, and some people were upset that no one ever gave us a look, . The budget represents an increase of $1,172,152, or 1.80 percent over the 2019-20 spending plan, and includes a local tax levy increase of 2.18 percent, or $867,742, bringing that total to $40,631,060. A response will only keep it alive and it does not deserve a response. Ive known Paul Andreassen for more than forty years and I can honestly tell you that he is a unique and exceptional individual. The Saugerties Central School District (SCSD) will ask for voter approval on a $66,426,716 budget for the 2022-23 school year, a decrease of $110,249 from the 2021-22 spending plan. The proposed budget is $10.3 million more than the current year's operating budget a 6.5% increase. Investment property in Elmont, NY. His passion for politics makes him the right candidate for the job! Lisa Greco on the recreation committee and Mike MacIsaac on the town board agreed that a project of this size and scope should have an independent overseer. You can watch her describe it on a video of the comptrollercandidate debate One could easily understand Democrats support of Costello if he were a registered Democrat, but hes not. Freelance Artist and Cartoonist Mike La Peruta was invited to his daughter's classroom to help demonstrate how to draw SpongeBob SquarePants, a student favorite. Mr. Speaker, I remind my colleague that a vote against this bill is a vote to deny about 37 percent of workers in her district of North Carolina a raise of about . First, Id like to thank the League of Women Voters, for hosting a candidates forum, debate on Friday October 18, at the senior center. Funds, which are scarce everywhere, should not be lopsidedly provided to other already oversized departments. The photos show the Tractor Trailer rollover, oil spots on Goat Hill Rd, Mud and debris on Route 212 and Goat Hill Rd, and oil slick in runoff water on Goat Hill Rd which also shows a total lack of requirements set forth by the NYSDEC and its section for Storm water discharge from construction activities. Mike is committed to not only keeping Saugerties an affordable place where its residents can live and raise a family but looking to the future a thriving and economically sound place where our childrens children can live and raise their families. I think this is an issue that is going to have a huge impact on the elementary students in the district. The Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows authorized parent/guardians to access student related information about their children. Some files and features on this site require Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player to view. It is also to oversee the budget and to establish what the spending needs might be. My first encounter with this mess was when the Centerville Fire District was dispatched for a tractor trailer rollover on Goat Hill Rd. She ran for County Executive this year and dropped out, allowing Pat Ryan to win. 20 MON Schools Closed - Presidents' Day MARCH 2023 2 THURS Parent Conference Night - Elementary 9 THURS Parent Conference Night - Secondary 10 FRI Staff Development - 1/2 Day APRIL 2023 3-7 Schools Closed - Spring Holiday 6 Passover Begins 9 Easter MAY 2023 16 TUES Superintendent's Conference Day 16 TUES School Budget Vote Friendly Saugerties is becoming less and less friendly as some have voiced in a recent town board meeting. The impact this could have on surrounding properties will be long-lasting and devastating to the environment. I feel that if you are looking for a representative that truly has no other interest in being our Town Councilman other than working for the good of his community, Mike Ivino is our choice. The project is approved, I remain skeptical of the process, and only hope now that the town did not make a mistake in approving this so hastily. With his common sense approach Al will bring a refreshing and much-needed breath of fresh air to the Ulster County legislator.He is committed to representing the people of his district and will do so with not only common sense but respect and integrity as well! The proposed tax levy increase is at the maximum allowable under the state mandated cap for the district. There is no better way to get young people involved in politics than to actually vote for one. This year we had two sections of 28 or 29. SED approved the project in April of 2022, and the project is currently in the bidding stage. The concerned citizenry turned into a grass roots movement to demand that the town board think again. Maybe 76% of those who voted approved of it, but that certainly does not reflect true . SAUGERTIES, N.Y. ( NEWS10) - Some parents and residents in Saugerties are voicing their concerns after an English assignment, that's since been canceled, made controversial remarks about George. Join me in voting for Al Bruno for Ulster County Legislator!Lisa BrunoSaugertiesBruno will work for all taxpayersFirst, Id like to thank the League of Women Voters, for hosting a candidates forum, debate on Friday October 18, at the senior center. Some politicians seem to enjoy the power and prestige these positions can bring an individual, Mary is more concerned about actually helping people and families in Ulster County. Theres a ploy on the part of some to discredit whoever does not agree with them. The decrease in the budget was accomplished through savings generated by the decision to repurpose an elementary school and by the payoff of bonds related to . Some files and features on this site require Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player to view. I am one of the many Ulster County voters that doesnt belong to a political party. She has caught people bilking Ulster County and brought them to justice. Currently, he is also serving as a Commissioner and Lieutenant. The Saugerties Central School District Board of Education adopted a $66,426,716 proposed budget for the 2022-2023 school year that is $110,249 LESS THAN the current years budget. The districts budget last went to a second vote in 2003, when voters adopted a revised proposal. The Animal Shelter, Letter to the Editor: I had the opportunity to tour the Saugerties Animal Shelter with Councilman Paul Andreassen on Saturday April 13th. 2 min read A dozen candidates are up for Varsity 845 softball player of the week. This connection was not intended for all board members but based on a prior discussion between myself and the editor regarding connections between wealth and real estate. COLUMBIA COUNTY Thank you for using HudsonValley360! We were accompanied by several staff members. Provides new microscopes and scales for the Senior High. We dont have many options, the superintendent said, noting, as he has throughout the budget process, that Saugerties has the lowest spending per pupil in Ulster County. Theres nothing new in that. We invested a lot of money in infrastructure, especially on Kings Highway, and there must be a way of encouraging developers to come here. There is a community forum on this topic this Tuesday 7PM at the Saugerties High School Auditorium. Act." When asked Ill give my reasons for why the lack of budgeting for these things such as the infrastructure needs and the lack of planning puts the town in fiscal jeopardy. Saugerties, NY 12477, about Tin Can Robots Invade the Classroom, about Artist Shares Love of Drawing with Cahill Students, about The Infinite Campus Portal - FAQs, Tips, & Tricks, Ulster County Food Pantries & Meal Programs, Transportation Companies - Proposal/Request Forms, Artist Shares Love of Drawing with Cahill Students, The Infinite Campus Portal - FAQs, Tips, & Tricks. The Saugerties Central School District Board of Education adopted a $66,426,716 proposed budget for the 2022-2023 school year that is $110,249 LESS THAN the current year's budget. One of the very first questions asked of him was, Why are you seeking our endorsement?He detailed his reasons and then stated that he would be seeking an endorsement from all the other political parties as well, because he doesnt want to be accountable to any one party. Helpful tips, tricks, and answers to FAQs can be found on this resource page. Before deciding on who youll vote for in November, visit the candidates for Comptrollers face book and campaign sites. 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The decreases are primarily found in BOCES aid ($1,332,395, a drop of $450,338) and building aid ($305,207, a decrease of $1,634,298). This work is now underway and will result in reduced electricity and heating costs. I am a taxpayer who will work for all taxpayers with integrity, honesty, and common sense. And for that Id like to apologize. Yes, he is 25 years old but it is time for new ideas as Saugerties enters the 2020s. It's important to support these kinds of sustainable businesses that provide long-term employment for our residents so they can afford to pay the taxes for all the police, parks, highway and emergency services that are continually escalating at a rate faster than the income ratio. Watch for the overruns, added and hidden expenses. Polls will be open at all four of the districts elementary schools from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. Crispin Kott was born in Chicago, raised in New York and has called everywhere from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Atlanta home.

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