what is zheng shuang doing now

In January, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China denounced the actor for turning to surrogacy. Good riddance. ; Beyond public outcry and losing brand deals, Zheng is likely facing legal consequences after a Chinese government agency said that using a legal loophole to obtain a surrogate from abroad was "definitely not innocent." Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Her feed is now filled with posts that are related to the disaster. Likewise, Huading Awards also announced they were revoking Zheng Shuangs honorary titles of The 19th Huading Awards for Best Actress in Modern Chinese TV Dramas and The 13th Huading Awards for National Audience Top Ten TV Stars. Thats all I can about. What is Zheng Shuang Doing Now? According to Chinas state media outlet Global Times, the National Radio and Television Administration has also prohibited all broadcasters and video service platforms from including Shuang in any show. Published Jan 21, 2021, 6:00 pm SGT It's a scandal involving abandoned surrogate babies, a secret marriage, lucrative endorsement deals and even loan sharks. Initially, I felt that this matter is not simple and I needed help And how to resolve the children's matters". This week, it is not their work that made them go viral on Chinese social media, but a surrogacy scandal taking place in the United States that is dominating all trending lists on Weibo. Jack Ma makes first public appearance in 3 months. Upgraded but still having issues? yep, the whole family is complete trash. Zheng Shuang also issued a statement to refute this. She even made the news in the USA Yahoo & CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/china/china-celebrity-surrogacy-scandal-dst-intl-hnk/index.html, UK too and others Countries main papersShe is more famous now worldwide then before. She also asked Zhang to stop harassing her or her family. Privacy policy. According to On, Zheng Shuang lives in the US with her pet dog. Subscribe to get daily news updates, insights and must reads delivered straight to your inbox. Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, who last week appeared in the brand's Chinese New Year campaign alongside Chung Xia and Cai Xukun as a new ambassador, was accused by her ex-boyfriend, producer. Following the interview, Zheng Shuang's lawyer released a statement which read, "Shuang Zheng unequivocally denies she has ever abused or neglected her children. During that visit, police found the children to be happy and healthy and when asked if further investigation was necessary, the police declined.". What parent wont be distressed for their daughter? Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has been ordered to undergo six months counselling as part of her custody agreement. Sixth, please pay attention to my Youtube account, so stay tuned! So fans were shocked when Zhang took to Chinas Twitter-like platform Weibo earlier this month to claim he has been stranded in the United States for more than a year, left alone to take care of and protect two young and innocent lives.. A total of 3.6 billion trips are expected to be made during the Chinese New Year holiday, officials said Tuesday, as workers head home in the world's largest human migration. How to Add, What are Aldi Heated Clothes Airers? People stop being a hard core, especial to woman stop putting other women oon the spot of being a failure. | The world already knows how disgusting you people are. 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To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Zheng Shuang said the product of that discussion was the recording that was leaked and said the full version should be six hours long. Among them, the boy luka was born on December 19, 2019, and the girl LUNA was born on January 4, 2019. Then, more damning recordings surfaced of discussions which allegedly took place between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Hengs families talking about what will happen to the two kids after their break up. Zhou Zheng thought that the other party couldn't find out, but he didn't know . I truly feel really miserable. Zheng Shuang's mother: You'll never see the children. . In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting, Amazon Singapore 3.3 sale: Up to 50% off Marshall, SoundPeats, Estee Lauder and more. Popular Chinese actress Zheng Shuang is still dealing with fallouts from her surrogacy scandal at the start of the year. They're both celebrities in China; she is a super famous actress, he is a well-known producer. Last week, state-run news website The Paper reported that a couple canceled an agreement with a surrogate mother in southwest China upon discovering she had syphilis during her pregnancy. On Jan. 19, Zheng made two posts on her personal Weibo page. All rights reserved. We Are Hiring If it is comprehensible, it must be posted by her team.". @ZHENG Shuang you are smart, brave and beautiful. As of today, the responses that Zheng Shuang and her family made on social media have already been deleted. are completely baseless. Arthur Chen Feiyu Studio Responds After, The Forbidden Flower Screenwriter-Director Responds To. A lack of regulation over the industry also means theres little protection for surrogate mothers and babies. Now that Shen Zheng had returned safely, the five Star Spirits had returned with their subordinates, and the bug swarm had retreated, no matter how stupid he was, he knew what . Its sad how most of the comment are criticizing her. Likewise, a similarly worded reprimand was also issued yesterday by the ethics committee of the China Television Artists Association (CTAA) stressing the importance of artistes setting a good example for the public byconsciously adhering to professional ethics, promoting family virtues, and promoting good customs.. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life not spam. On Jan. 18, Zhang defended himself via a lengthy Weibo post, saying rumours about his alleged acts of fraud were baseless: "Hello everyone, I am Zhang Heng, long time no see. Since the previous year, the lawyer teams from both China and the United States have never given up on safeguarding the legal rights of myself and my family, and have never given up on communication and mediation between both parties. H er name is Zheng Shuang (, 29), his name is Zhang Heng (, 30). 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I sincerely apologise for the surrogacy incident, am willing to accept criticisms from all sides and consciously reflect on my mistakes, she wrote in Chinese. Zheng Shuang had plastic surgery after she broke up with her boyfriend Zheng Han. ZHs family didnt force that family to say the awful things they said about the babies. The main page is a bare, blank slate, giving it a deserted feeling. While public outrage on Chinese social media was mainly aimed at her seemingly unmaternal instincts, and allegedly leaving her estranged partner alone and unable to return home with two American-born children due to the pandemic, it was clear the state had taken greater umbrage with her sidestepping its rules on surrogacy. (AFP via Getty Images) Chinese actor Zheng Shuang has broken her six-month social media silence following a surrogacy scandal where her ex-boyfriend accused her of abandoning their two US -born. Then we love sharing. The other party has always put the children in the hatred of the mother, which is very tormenting for the children. When she misses Chinese food, she will buy green onions, ginger, garlic, and chives to scramble an egg for herself, and she will use the money she has saved on food and toys for her children. My father said, Big Head (Zheng's nickname), no worries, let's give him the money he wants, it's unimportant, as long as you look on the bright side and stop overcomplicating the matter. Surprisingly, even though Zheng's fanclub members have chosen to cut all ties with her and leave the fandom, her Weibo follower count has continued to grow instead of fall. Currently Zheng Shuang has not made many videos, only posted somes of herself playing with her pet dog. FYI: Yin-yang contracts were the reason for Fan Bingbing's own fall from grace. look what she's doing now. New Delhi: Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has been fined 299 million yuan, or $46 million, as penalty for alleged tax evasion. As of the time of writing, her follower count is at 12.6 million and continues to grow by the minute with every page refresh. When Zheng, at age 13, formally ascended the throne in 246 bce, Qin already was the most powerful state and was likely to unite the rest of China under its rule. The backlash that Zheng received due to the scandal had an adverse effect on her brand partnerships. Zhang Heng previously broke the story that the two had two children, Lucas and Luna, via surrogacy in the US prior to their breakup in 2019, and that the actress abandoned them following the end of their relationship. What is Zheng Shuang doing now? The ready-to-eat hot pots just need to be microwaved in-store for 2 minutes & 30 seconds. Zhang Han (English name: Hans) is a Chinese actor, singer, host and producer. Two thing you could do fight or heal till the day you see the people who led to this day ask for forgiveness. A lot of Singaporeans want to lose weight all the time. Luxury brand Prada was one of the first to terminate their contract. Net Worth & News Update, Steffie Gregg @svg876 Passes Away: Raheem Sterling pelted with objects. He grabbed Shuang Qianxu's collar and stared unblinkingly at his eyes.He flinched in fear. Responding to the firestorm, Zheng wrote on Weibo Tuesday that this is a very sad and private matter for me. She did not directly address allegations over the surrogacy dispute, but said she did not violate the states instructions while on Chinese soil and respected all laws and regulations while abroad.. [Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] In 2021, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was revealed to have gone to the United States to find a surrogate mother and then abandoned her. (Reposted from Weibo) [Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was revealed in 2021 to have gone to the United States to find a surrogate mother and then abandoned her. The final agreement was that her boyfriend Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang would take turns taking care of the two children. 22. She rose to fame with her role as Chu Yuxun in Meteor Shower (2009-2010), becoming the youngest actress to be nominated for Best Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Award. According to Lianhe Zaobao, Zheng's Weibo follower count was close to 11.2 million at 4pm on Jan. 18, which was the time when the news broke out. Zhang Heng stated that he decided to go to the media and let the people in Colorado know about it because child protective services let him down. On Monday (Jul 19), the 29-year-old broke her six-month social media silence to apologise for her surrogacy scandal. Natto's "Facebook Shenyin" has been exposed in the past 60 days, There were scary moments in the Baku State Circus, Joeman was bombarded frequently! What The Best Male Enhancement Pill male bigger pills 2022, (Promotes Circulation Resulting In Improved Blood Flow) [2023-01-06] What The Best Male Enhancement Pill You Will Be Ready For The Next Sex Round As Soon As You Finish The First One What The Best Male Enhancement Pill. She confirmed that she had given up her desire to return to the entertainment industry. According to Zheng Shuang, her familys bank accounts have been blocked. It probably lasted from night until early morning. Zhang attached a photograph with his post. 5 Steps to Add Your College to Your Snapchat Profile in 1 Minute, How to Use Midjourney Bot On Discord? Chinese actor Zheng Shuang has broken her six-month social media silence following a surrogacy scandal where her ex-boyfriend accused her of abandoning their two US-born surrogate children. Chinese celebrity Zheng Shuang's ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng claimed in a Thursday (May 13) Weibo post that he had won sole custody of their two children born from surrogacy in the U.S. However, the reason why my family and I have been staying in the U.S. for over a year is that we had to care for and protect two young, innocent lives. So I am very worried that once I show up, he will expose all the information about me and my children. those people who talk shits about her. The 29-year-old had allegedly abandoned her two children born to different United States-based surrogate mothers, leaving her producer ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, stranded in the U.S. with the children. If youve thought it out already, dont waste any more time on it. Prior to this, its been widely reported that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have been caught in an ongoing legal battle due to financial disputes since their breakup in 2019. I will prove myself with time and actions, justice will always come, although sometimes it will be late. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. When his case became unsuccessful in Court, the father apparently turned to trying his case in the Court of public opinion," the statement added. The calamity left at least a dozen people dead and nearly 200,000 relocated to safe zones. Such behaviour crosses the line and should not be condoned legally and morally. Furthermore, he said that they had intended to take responsibility for the children. There are still fertilised eggs that havent been used which we saved.. Once a sweet and beautiful girl, she was notorious for abandonment, how is Zheng Shuang doing now. Its a terrible, terrible way to be on the news. I don't know if this is a good thing for children. The first thing to do now is to report this matter to Steward Sun. Copyright 2020 Mothership. Recently, Haining Dongkai Star Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. added a second-instance trial announcement. In other words, it looks like theres pretty much no way shell be able to salvage her career. Without one family, I cannot do without the other, being part of this fandom has been a thrilling experience, even its destruction is different from others.". Online rumours about my alleged acts of fraud, borrowing from loan sharks, debt evasion, absconding to the U.S. with the money etc. Zheng Shuang repeatedly expressed regret and wished for the opportunity to redo her career but was not accepted. I swear that I have never committed any of those acts! A feature on Shuang in the fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar was also said to have been removed from their official Weibo account, the Global Times reported. Actress Zheng Shuang and her boyfriend Zhang Heng in Shanghai, China, on June 19, 2019. It has been alleged that Zheng Shuang abandoned two children born to surrogates abroad, after splitting up with her partner. (Picture/Reverse photo from Weibo/Zhang Heng) In the court, Zheng Shuang also emphasized that finding a surrogate was a joint decision with Zhang Heng. Father and mother, I'm sorry for not letting you speak until now because every statement we make, That night, I specifically forwarded Zhang Heng's passport, However, on the second day, the company's finance associate was absent for various reasons, The 4 million [RMB] in the books gradually vanished, nonetheless I could still pay the rent urgently but was unable to come back. In particular, Zhang Heng suddenly accused Zheng Shuang of abusing their twin children. Following the expose, Zheng Shuang immediately lost all filming works and sponsorships. Talk about trying to save face. Conflict, this revelation completely revealed what kind of personality Zheng Shuang's family is in the family group. ", At 7pm, Chinese cosmetics brand Chioture also came forward with their own Weibo statement, "The endorsement contract between Chioture and Ms Zheng Shuang have expired, all partnerships with Zheng Shuang have ceased, thank you for your concern.". Not only was she dropped as a brand ambassador for luxury label Prada. Zheng Shuang and her mother also gave similar interviews. Advertisement This is how she looked before her double eyelid surgery. While Chinese health authorities and other government agencies have launched periodic crackdowns, including a joint campaign in 2015 by a dozen government departments on surrogacy services, it has been to no long-term avail. You have entered an incorrect email address! My family have also been forced to avoid reunions. To continue, upgrade to a supported browser. After the scandal took place earlier this year, Italian luxury fashion house Prada, along with many other brands, severed ties with the popular actor. I believe the Chinese and American courts will restore all truths. When she misses Chinese food, she will buy green onions, ginger, garlic, and chives to scramble an egg for herself, and she will use the money she has saved on food and toys for her children. Surrogacy is clearly banned in our country, and its disregard of life makes one bristle with anger, state broadcaster CCTV said in a commentary. They also stressed that they are boycotting artists who ignore the law, who are lacking in personal ethics and who violate social ethics. When will this family learn. Born in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, he graduated in 2007 from the Acting Department of Central Academy of Drama and formally entered showbiz in 2009 starring in youth campus idol drama "Let's Watch Meteor Shower". On top of that the primary witness, a fucking police constable, was kidnapped and murdered before the appeal trial, although the perps and motives remain a "mystery" to this day. But what appears certain is that Zhengs career as an A-list actress has taken a blow. However, Zheng Shuang later deleted her post out of respect for the news about heavy rainfall in Chinas Henan province. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. shes a good actress anyway. ", "Damn it, even Keyun* knew she had to look for her child despite losing her mind. However, it still bans the commercial use of many reproductive technologies, such as egg freezing, that would give women the freedom to have children later in life. At the centre of it is popular Chinese. Zhang Han (Hans Zhang) and Zheng Shuang worked together in "Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower". Chinese actress Zheng Shuang 's () image tanked overnight when her surrogacy scandal erupted on Monday. In a recording released by Zhang Hengs friend, the woman presumed to be Zheng Shuang and her parents can be heard saying to give the children away since the relationship has already gone sour. JKF girl wet car wash "only covers three points" hot netizens, Health Network "Man, are you swollen? all is said and done, a bunch of losers. But some analysts say that will simply drive the practice further underground, as demand will likely only increase in the future. A child born in the US will also come with American citizenship a bonus for some Chinese parents. I only felt more self-blame, I am indeed the the stereotypical foolish girl, burdening my family with my own mistakes. Range, Running Cost, Review. Theyre willing to do anything unscrupulous just for money. 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It has been nine months since news of Chinese actress Zheng Shuang ()'s surrogate scandal broke. In 2018, the pair went public with a. Say someone adopts them. They revealed emails from December 2019 (two months after the recorded conversation took place) showing their concern about getting child custody even before the children were born. At this time, there are no criminal, dependency and neglect, or Child Protective Services cases that have been filed. Such sore losers this family is! Chinese actor Zheng Shuang has broken her six-month social media silence following a surrogacy scandal where her ex-boyfriend accused her of abandoning their two US-born surrogate children. Zheng Shuang, 29, was one of Chinas most popular actresses after shooting to fame a decade ago. In the courtyard, if you do not join a team, life will be very difficult in the future," Xue Rong explained. Zheng Shuang's (left) ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng held a press conference a few days ago to insist on her illegal affairs. I have been loved by everyone for so many years, and I don't know how to repay it. The controversy erupted in January 2021 after the 29-year-old actors former partner Zhang Heng took to social media to claim he had been stranded in the US for more than a year, left alone to take care of and protect two young lives. She felt that the public opinion environment she encountered was manipulated by humans, which was very scary. Published July 22, 2021 Updated July 27, 2021 Chinese actress Zheng Shuang experienced a spectacular crash from grace earlier this year when her producer ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng accused her of. Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was recently fined $46 million as Beijing continues to crack down on the entertainment industry. Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has been embroiled in controversy since Jan. 18. My dad said its okay, if its money he wants, just give it to him. As a Chinese citizen, the act of travelling to the US on a legal loophole is not abiding the law.. And the backlash was not limited to the online sphere. I think its normal for marketing to wash the ground. Fifth, those friends who do not understand the facts, please be rational. Zheng appeared to have read the comments, particularly the one which implied that the post was written by her team. | Whether the government will respond with another round of crackdowns, or propose legislation to explicitly outlaw the practice, remains to be seen. According to the report, existing shows starring the actress will no longer be broadcast. If they are so responsible for these children how come they have never even bothered to see them? What is Zheng Shuang Doing Now? In a second recording released, a crying woman (presumed to be Zheng Shuang) can be heard saying No, at the time, I was like that because I didnt want him to say myself and Zheng Shuangs child, I didnt want him to want the children, so I finally forced his hand a bit. Disgraced Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, 31, saw her career come to a halt last year after it was revealed that she had abandoned her kids, whom she had via surrogacy, which is illegal in China, with her ex-boyfriend in the US. Many fans were unable to condone Zheng's actions and left the fandom one by one. Half an hour later, British jewellery brand Lola Rose followed suit in a Weibo post published at 6:50pm, "The Lola Rose brand has sent Zheng Shuang a contract termination letter and ceased all brand partnerships with her. According to Global Times, broadcasters and video service platforms have been prohibited from including the actress in any show. It's likely her heart wasn't into it and she used their fight as an opportunity to go back to her single life and get a divorce/get rid of anything reminding . Unfortunately, the actress has yet to fully recover from the damage wrought by it. "Bian Le Zheng usually could not say anything good, but today, there is a sentence that is correct. Shes already got banned from the network. . Monitored healthcare funds account, highlighted the risks, and addressed any issues with the management. Third, Zhang Heng's former lawyer has withdrawn from the trial because he continued to represent him for violating professional ethics, and the other party has been replaced by a California lawyer. From being a sought-after celebrity to persona non grata, actress Zheng Shuangs career saw a huge reversal this week after a series of scandals pertaining to her involvement in surrogacy (still considered illegal in China) and subsequent abandonment of her two children rocked the c-ent industry. Actress Zheng Shuang has been accused by her former partner Zhang Heng of abandoning their two surrogate babies in the United States. What were they thinking to do this? Zheng Shuang: Don't just think about finding a host family Zheng Shuang's mother: Maybe an organization will want money to take them Zheng Shuang: If it's money we're talking about with an organization, if money needs to be spent, spend it. I realised that I could no longer bury my head in the sand because I am not the only one who is dealing with this issue. A feature on Shuang in the fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar was also said to have been removed from their official Weibo account, the Global Times reported. I fear the world., yet I feel sorry for the young female actress. The disgraced actress life and career are in tatters after being embroiled in a surrogacy scandal six months ago. The final agreement was that her boyfriend Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang would . Shame on them. They were young at that time, and it was rumored that Zheng Shuang had been unrequitedly in love with Zhang Han. appreciated. Then, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (Jul 21), she shared another long post on Weibo detailing her difficult life in America, where she appears to have run off to in order to escape the scrutiny back home. It will satisfy the regrets of families who cant have children. Its so obvious if they are seeking sole parental rights so they can give the kids up for adoption without the fathers permission. The Love 020 and Swords of. Hi-tech Zone Shuangde Institute of Health. In addition to arguing about abandoning and raising, Zheng Shuang also cried out about the cyber violence he had encountered, and his heart broke down. Within days, Zheng was censured by state media, and condemned by Chinas ruling Communist Party (CCP) agencies. As a human I still wanna watch her on TV. [+127959] 6. People will support when it benefting them. Mediacorp | 8 Days. I hope the tax authorities can accord me due process and not be influenced by the surrogacy incident.. Zheng was dropped by several international brands, including luxury fashion label Prada. Countless topics, three ex-boyfriends, each has a story, and Zheng Shuang eventually fell into his own. With regards to his two grandkids, Zheng Chenghua says they have never given up. Her ex-boyfriend . Earlier this year, it was discovered that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had two surrogate children living in the . In the past year or so, baseless slander against me have surfaced on the internet in the form of unrestrained, defamatory cyber violence. At first, it seemed like a classic celebrity romance. As reported on HK01, in a now-deleted Weibo post, Zheng broke her silence about the previous issue, apologising for her decision . @ZHANG HENG why take away the life of a human. Zheng Shuang's legal problems continue. She plans to become a YouTuber, creating content to earn income. Chinese star Zheng Shuang loses custody of 2 children born through surrogacy in the United States Just last month, Zheng Shuang broke her silence on her surrogacy scandal and the claims. He explains that the words that can be heard in the recording were said in the heat of the moment and didnt represent how they really felt.

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