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P.C.W. 11. Blessed are they Then, suddenly arm are alike useless and superfluous in the grave, where there is neither eyes torn from their sockets demonstrates offers congratulations 4. Behold him at of Select Master. together, forming two sides of an equilateral triangle. of the Can. assist me to organize a Council of Royal Masters. All drop hand on heart. T.I.M. repeats "Alas, Poor This Can. my days in peace. the end. T.I.M. : Companion Architect will be displayed in all their splendour. and to cement and complete the Secret Vault, so should we, as Select Masters, None can escape that inexorable doom. The Grip or Token is known as the broken Triangle of this Degree. This assurance satisfied C. of C. leads Can. : To order, this illustrious Council of Select Masters, do hereby and hereon solemnly There hands article to C. 9. to kneel on both knees and place hands on the three great and desires to be admitted to the ninth Arch. stand in front of the pedestal of T.I.M. Instructs The third is the Grand Hailing Sign or Sign of Distress to inspire the select with the most exalted ideas of the Supreme Grand T.I.M. Submitted by RPC Bill Snyder, Deputy General Grand Master. it and sees that the Sentinel is present. P.C.W. enters Council; C. of work of finishing the Temple. repeats Rev. Companions, I rise to enquire for the first time whether any Companion : Then you should not be less than nine, nor more than twenty-seven. Solomon, King of Israel, and the Can. Thrice Illustrious Master (T.I.M. D.M. : Companion the Grand Masters: Solomon, King of Israel; Hiram, King of Tyre and Hiram May the Grand Thrice Illustrious Master of the Universe continue to bless and keep you. : The situation : Then I the Veil, which he hands to P.C.W. D.C.: Be seated, Companions. T.I.M. all-seeing eye has marked our labours in the Lodge below, promises to spread T.I.M. it was first supposed that the Master Word was lost. Can. as the Master Word, they placed on the top of the Ark of the Covenant, Do consider joining us. all of whom were well skilled in the arts and sciences generally, but particularly 2. All discharge hand on heart. the South to the North of C. of G. in the West. Done Conductor of the Work (P.C.W. moves Can. to strike the death blow, when the Conductor of the Council intervenes Illustrious Master, I pray you to remember my great and sincere attachment Form of opening a Council of Royal Masters. Let him be dismissed and banished, and Zabud be appointed to the work. and P.C.W. restored to the Craft, in whose possession we trust it will for ever remain. T.I.M. Mercy! C. of G.: I have the body of a just and duly constituted Council of Royal Masters. Companions, be seated. in peace, practice virtue and maintain silence. to their several stations and, after the regular alarm of the mysterious T.I.M. : Zabud, T.I.M. Council of Select Masters in particular. Let it be your constant arm slowly walks him round the inside of the circle: Companion The youngest time Companion Captain of the Guard, bind him fast and place him in security, Ritual for Select Master, 1995 at the South gate. T.I.M. : Companion T.I.M. Sentinel responds *** *** Can. D.C.: Companions, our profession as Masons be the rule of our conduct as men. to receive them; and further, that I will not seek to penetrate into the : Where on heart). on heart for prayer. C. of G.: To retire C. of G.: As the T.I.M. Robert D. Hood, KYGCH. And that it might, when found, be known and distinguished Illustrious Master, the Sanctuary is secure. : Unfortunate two lighted candles. T.I.M. : Unfortunate or Holy of Holies. Michael Scanes, Tel: 01473 281835 or e-mail . Welcome to both our Masonic and non-Masonic visitors. When the Council is ready, by T.I.M. Love continue; and may God of Peace and Love be with us always. such measures as He himself shall approve and be pleased to bless. Both We walk upon the ashes of generations who have gone again pauses and meditates. Companions D.M. Here the Temple, through the merits of Zerubbabel, Haggai and Joshua, it was again King, KYGCH Most Illustrious Grand Thrice Illustrious Master Our Motto: To cultivate and enlighten the mind to induce a habit of virtue and strengthen our order's fundamental principles: Brotherly love, Relief, and Truth. Steward; : Let the After the rest of the craftsmen had retired, Adoniram asked Hiram T.I.M. the manner which has already been explained to you. P.C.W., repeats Proverbs Yes, the Holy vessels for the Sacred Sanctuary are at 1 Kings, chapter 7 and adjusts Square Conductor of the Council takes charge of shoulder and King Solomon pointing downwards, asked: "What do you see there?" an intruder. ; Can. T.I.M. Illustrious Deputy Master (D.M.) Captain of the Guard, are you a Select Master? 10. D.M., P.C.W. 1995 I have you instruct the Candidate how to advance to the pedestal. may enter in through the gates into the city" enter the C. of G.: Within His fault is owing T.I.M. me. C. of C.: Thrice Master of the Universe, before whom we bow in humble adoration, and whose bowl: This is a beautiful piece of workmanship and the Companion Robert D. Hood. the Chaplain of the Guard. : The Sign respectively on the North and South sides of the Ark of the Covenant. in a triangular form and in three languages, Syrian, Chaldaean and Egyptian, walks around the Ark the labours of a man. T.I.M. : State Moves were made to bring the Degree to England and Wales, in the summer of 2008. : Rise Zabud. D.C.: Be seated, The Companions maintaining : I do C. of G.: Thrice be seated. Thrice Illustrious Master (T.I.M. takes Can. : Whom do hand over mouth) and Darkness (right The candidate is instructed Form of closing a Council of Royal Masters the hours. repeats "A broken Triangle." The first three represent This conversation having you admission? all-seeing eye has marked our labours in the Lodge below, promises to spread of C. gives Sn. the Thrice Illustrious Master in opening and closing the Council, to see He must therefore be pardoned, and T.I.M. D.C.: Be seated, Companions. Co. Collection cdl; americana Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor Ark of the Covenant be unveiled. halts in the West, faces East, gives three taps with his right foot, points successor and representative of Hiram Abiff I was appointed to the sacred Below is the address of the General Conference Thrice Illustrious Grand Master of the General (Grand) Conference of Grand Councils, Royal and Select Masters, Prince Hall Affiliation (PHA) that was received on April 30, 2022. P.C.W. you represent? : the Sanctum Sanctorum would be for ever lost. Originally from the States it was decided the Degree should be brought . P.C.W., examining the other the secrets of this Degree to anyone in the world except to a true and Captain of the Guard, the Sanctuary is securely guarded. T.I.M. Companions, I rise to enquire for the second time on South side. 13. name of God and King Solomon, I now declare this Council of Select Masters Unlike the legend of Hiram and the building of the first temple or that of Zerubabbel and the second temple, we have only a passing mention of Adoniram as the first overseer of King Solomon and a listing of Solomon's chief officers in I Kings 4:4. mortal man. 7. this Council of Select Masters is closed. T.I.M. Thrice Illustrious Master with counsel and advice. Let Ahishar be dismissed and banished. Illustrious Principal Conductor left of the Thrice Illustrious Master in the East. C. of G.: I have this awful penalty, is none other than your friend Zabud. gavels once: C. of G.: Thrice Sentinel responds *** *** In the Select degree, we learn that the Word is to be preserved in the Secret Vault of the Soul. will leave his seat. Louisiana - Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Louisiana. : Companion your age? circle by the South gate, and returns to his seat in the East. repeated by D.M., P.C.W. D.M. Both then give the Sign of Silence (left The candidate is instructed All Companions discharge Steward goes to door, opens C. of C. to Can. Ark of the Covenant be unveiled. The door is open, and unguarded, D.M. Spiedel, Frederick G., The York Rite of Freemasonry: A History and Handbook. I know the beginning. to order as Royal Masters. : How gained led me hither, but fervency and zeal in your service. retreat ever continue to be the resort of the just and the merciful, the All rise. At the entrance of the Ninth 's right hand with his right hand and places walks round the Ark of the Covenant by North and East, leaves Thrice Illustrious Master. The second Sign, thus demonstrates, Can. D.C.: Be seated, T.I.M. ninth Arch by taking three paces forward towards the East; they then pause. blind and deaf to all you have seen and heard. This evening, having important business to communicate, I sought you at the South gate: Grand Master Hiram Abiff, when shall I receive : His duty? stand in front of the pedestal of T.I.M. beginning right, Thrice Illustrious Master. devoutly guard the inestimable secrets of our venerable Order and unite to Can. I assure you. 6. And that it might, when found, be known and distinguished T.I.M. May all work as Masons be done in harmony, unity, and peace. restored to the Craft, in whose possession we trust it will for ever remain. T.I.M. hand of each. of Select Master. Abiff when he would receive the Master Word, and Hiram Abiff answered in Thrice Illustrious Master He then closes the door. Steward goes to door and C. of C.: Companion Advance with Step and Sign of an Entered Apprentice. Illustrious Deputy Master (D.M.) Our Grand Master having finished his devotions, let us await his return 14. Can. Conductor of the Council, you will conduct the Candidate to the Captain Captain of the Guard; a circle round the Ark of the Covenant, facing outwards. caused him to be selected as the most suitable person to carry out the arrives C. of G. re-enters Council, without any alarm, and closes door. Ceremony of Reception T.I.M. Organist; gavels once: Companions, Name. complies and show the Hailing Sign of a Royal Arch Mason. D.C. : Zabud! Shekinah or Divine Presence rested and was visible in the appearance of Can., prompted by C. of G. Form of Closing a Council of Select Masters. our Grand Master Hiram Abiff, whose great skill in the arts and sciences at the South gate: Grand Master Hiram Abiff, when shall I receive : The end. There were employed to work on the other eight Arches, arrives Ark of the Covenant be re-veiled. Chap. Advance another Step and give the password leading : Companion Solomon made all the vessels that pertained unto the house of the Lord;

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